Logic Pro

Logic 10.8 Digital Audio Workstation

Logic Pro offers a a state of art digital workstation. Allied to the third party Wave Plugins, Kontakt sampler and Arturia V 9 virtual synth collection of classic synthesizers. Logic also has lots of creative in built tools, that you can harnass all of your creativity.

There is in built Dolby Athmos 3 D mixing system and an Apple rendering system, allowing you to upload your finished mixes to iTunes. The mastering function is also built in using AI to analyse your track and give you a finished mastered track.

Sibelius Ultimate

Sibelius Ultimate is a hugley versatile scoring software and the choice fo professionals. This allows you to complete professional scores, for both individual and complete scores.

Outboard: Focusrite, Presonus, Aston and AKG mics, Waves Audio plugins. These include virtual Abbey Road and API 2500 Compressors, EQ, Reverbs among many others. Keyboards Korg SV1, Arturia controller with V 9 Collection( with 30 plus vintage synths) that include, Fairlight CMI, Roland Jupiter 8.

There is several other newer virtual instruments that can provide a whole range of modern sounds. These produce the great sounds that synths produced from there earliest development, right up to modern day. We also have Pro tools 12 to allow you import your sessions, if you have been woking in that software.