Music Production

The main areas we provide are production, arranging and song development. We do professional voiceovers and audio for website production. We use top voiceover artists to achieve professional voiceover production. We have a library of music for both the on hold marketing and web presentation. We provide original music for TV, film and advertising and produce bespoke music for projects.

Logic Software

We provide tutelage in digital technology and recording. Concentrating on Logic’s digital audio workstation software as the preferred DAW. We cover use of recording, use of plugins, song arrangement, that enable you to use the modern recording studio. The process we follow is using your own compositions to development both as arrangements and to get the best results.

We want to develop your skillsets on multiple levels. By the end of the process we want to achieve a greater understanding of the music making process allied to the development of your songs. We hope to improve your abilities by 40-60%.