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On Hold Marketing Services

Bespoke Advertising

On Hold Europe provide on hold marketing services. Because the first impression of your business is critical, we tailor customised messages for your callers on hold.

Our bespoke advertising, enables you to micro-market your business to your customers. On hold advertising lets you engage with your customers. Most importantly you take advantage of this cost effective marketing time. 

At On Hold Europe we believe in controlling your call environment. On hold marketing is a powerful tool, connecting you to your callers. Micro-market your latest product, service or special offer. 

What is On Hold Marketing

Define your message

Call Handling

After Hours Message & Phone Prompts

You generate calls through advertising. Make sure you can capture any enquiries, by setting up Phone Prompts to handle your incoming calls. If you are out of the office and need an Out of Hours message, we can tailor that for you. We supply answer machines as well so contact us today. Whatever type of message you want, prompts or out of hours we can look after your requirements. 

An out of office message is essential to capture all enquiries. We can source answering machines for you if you wish. Contact us today for more information.


Our expertise in scripting makes it easy to get the ideal message across. A good script reinforces your existing marketing.  It makes the on hold message clear.

On Hold Europe supply customised messages. We tailor a script and create a perfect on hold message that is concise and clear. Contact us to increase sales.

Micro Marketing

Grab the attention of your captive audience. Inform your customers on every aspect your business. You can use your existing phone system to get your message across.

Cross Selling

Take the chance to cross sell other services or products. It might be the case your customers are unaware of some specific services. Selling more to your existing customer base is the best way to increase sales.

Music for Web or Presentation

On Hold Europe provides music for all types of applications. there is a sample cross section of our music library below. You can use the tracks across different mediums to enhance your online or social media presentations. Our library is used extensively in documentary productions and on hold productions. 

The samples are available in any format on request. Just let us know what you require and we can email or dropbox them to you.

Have a listen to the categories below to find what you are looking for. 

Audio Logo

An audio logo defines the musical DNA for your company. We design a bespoke piece of music for your business. The logos are five to seven seconds in length. They convey a dynamic image that reflects your target audience. 

 It comes as part of what we describe as a “Total Listening Experience”. The audio logo’s can be used across any medium. The aim is to integrate the audio logo into your company image. Customers will hear it and automatically associate it with your business. 

Below is a sample audio logo, so please a have listen and contact us to discuss this further.

On Hold Europe creates bespoke Audio Logo’s for companies. They are musically distinct original pieces of music. There are five to seven seconds in length.