The Studio

The studio offers a range of services, from music production, on hold marketing and technology training. Simon Quigley is a pianist, composer, who works have been performed at the National Concert Hall and the National Opera House.

As a studio, Peter Street Studios offers original music compositions. Recording Services, technology training for music production and composition. On Hold Advertising production, including recording and scripting services.

Simon works with different artists, offering arranging and production skills. The studios comes with lots of the latest technology, to create innovative music in different genres.

Recorded at Peter Street

These are two tracks were recorded mixed arranged and produced at Peter Street Studios.

Brian Brody & the Ghost Ensemble

A reimagined 2023 version of Wonderful Life, originally written and recorded by the singer songwriter ‘Black’.

Anita Mahon

An original track written by Anita Mahon and arranged and produced at Peter Street Studios.